MeSince®, an attitude to the online privacy protection.

Encrypt and sign every message, say NO to cleartext email.

MeSince®, Message encryption Sincerely.

Email is equivalent to sending a postcard, in the case of the postcard anyone involved in the delivery chain can intercept and read the content. Given that it's obvious never to send a postcard with confidential details in cleartext, why should an email be any different? And now, most enterprise email systems have been migrated to clouds and directly use cloud service providers' email services, how to ensure that the email content in cloud is not illegally used and compliant, this is an urgent problem need to be solved.

There are already a lot of email client software on the market that can meet the basic needs of sending and receiving email. MeSince® is also an email client software, but the difference is MeSince automatically configures an Encrypting Certificate for MeSince user for free, and automatically uses this encrypting certificate to encrypt every outgoing email, so that every email is encrypted in the email transmission to secure your email communication automatically, to protect your sensitive message, to protect your personal and organization privacy.

MeSince® protects your message's privacy using certificate encryption and digital signature technology. You can archive all confidential information in your mailbox now. Encrypted email protects the privacy of a message by converting it from readable cleartext format into scrambled cipher text which cannot be read. Only the recipient who has the private key that matches the public key used to encrypt the message can decipher the message for reading, any recipient without the corresponding private key sees corrupted text. The most importance is that all encryption work is automatically done by MeSince.

Encryption is a way to protect data from being seen or tampered with by other people. Email encryption blocks unauthorized users from reading your emails, keep your emails from falling into the wrong hands, so you and your partners can rest easy. MeSince®, an automation end-to-end email encryption solution, keeps your email's sensitive data like health, financial, or personal information safe. Send confidential or sensitive information securely, protecting your business and your customers.

MeSince® is an encrypted communication system based on the email system. All messages are encrypted by default. All confidential information is encrypted from sending and stored in the email inbox. Your email inbox becomes a "coffer" that can safely store variety of confidential information and documents. Even if encrypted documents are illegally obtained somehow, they are worthless because they cannot be decrypted.

MeSince®, lets every email be encrypted automatically to eliminate email leak.

MeSince End-to-end Encryption

MeSince®, lets emails have identity & timestamp, fraud prevention.

Due to the design "flaw" of email system - the sender's name and email address can be forged, can be arbitrarily written, resulting in many fake identities email flooding, all kinds of fraud and phishing emails are disguised as real identity emails, these emails have made the users are impossible to defend effectively, and many users have been hurt in various ways. Various "emailgate" incidents are frequently happen, resulting in loss of property and reputation, even endangering social security. Email fraud has become one of the major public security issues of the global Internet, but there has been no good solution.

There are already a lot of email client software on the market that can meet the basic needs of sending and receiving email. MeSince® is also an email client software, but the difference is MeSince automatically configures a Signing Certificate (Identity Certificate) for MeSince user for free, and automatically uses this identity certificate to digitally sign every outgoing email, so that every email carries a digital ID on the transmission, which not only guarantees every email content will not be illegally tampered with, and the email address of the sender cannot be forged, and the true identity information of the sender can be clearly displayed, so that MeSince user can identify whether it is a fake identity email at a glance, thereby completely solving the email fraud issues. At the same time, the real identity authentication information of the sender is clearly displayed in UI, which is very important for the contactless business email contact, which can effectively enhance the trust and promote more business cooperation.

And more, MeSince will automatically timestamp each outgoing message to provide a credible time proof for the incoming and outgoing email. This timestamp information can be used for legal evidence that the time of sending the email cannot be falsified or non-repudiation. Just as a postal mailing must be stamped with a postmark, the email should also be time stamped, and only MeSince provides email timestamp service for each outgoing email for free.

MeSince®, lets every email has an identity automatically to eliminate email fraud.

MeSince Email Signature and Timestamp

MeSince®, Message encryption Sincerely

Send an encrypted email to him/her now. Only he/she can read it. Send an encrypted voice message to him/her now. Only he/she can listen it.

MeSince have 6 unique innovation features

Choose MeSince®, Choose to protect personal privacy. Choose MeSince®, Choose to protect organization secrets.