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MeSince Open Platform

MeSince provides an information information encryption system based on email client and email system. A free S/MIME certificate is configured for each user and used for email encryption, email signature and outgoing email timestamp service. These infrastructural services will be opened to global CAs, services providers, software developers and other beneficiary parties, in order to provide better and more value-added services that based on digital certificate, digital signature, message encryption and timestamp in a more cooperative way.

The core of the Open Platform is MeSince APP (the email client) and MeSince Certificate Database (CerDB). The core of encryption is public key and private key of the Encryption Certificate. MeSince will be opened to third party CA (including third party KM), who provides key management and issuance of the encrypting certificate and signing certificate. With the belief that in the future, no one will have to exchange their public key before they can send encrypted email to each other, MeSince maintain a public certificate database (CerDB) to realize the dream that no need to exchange the public key in email encryption for everyone. MeSince CerDB contains public keys of the encryption certificates that are used for email encryption and that are collected by MeSince automatically, or submitted by other CAs, and voluntarily submitted by users or any other email clients.

The following services will be provided in the Open Platform: