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MeSince® is registered in China, USA and UK. "MeSince" is the transliteration of Chinese name "密信" that means "Encrypted Letter", "Encrypted Mail", "Encrypted Message", it's pronunciation is /mi:sins/. It is a compound word of two common words "Me" and "Since".

MeSince trademark icon is a combination of uppercase letters "L" and "M". "L" represents the word "Letter", and it can also be understood as the word "Lock"; "M" represents the word "Mail", and it can also be understood as the word "Message". Altogether, it means encrypting all messages by email.

About MeSince

  • MeSince Vision
    Encrypt all messages, Protect online privacy.
  • MeSince Mission
    Provide world-class information encryption products based on PKI technology.

MeSince Technology Limited, registered in Shenzhen, Hong Kong SAR and UK, specializing in digital signature technology, certificate encryption technology and timestamp technology research and development, to provide PKI technology-based information encryption products, services and solutions to users around the world.

Email security has become a globally serious security issue, but there is no any email client software on the global market that can seamlessly support email encrypting and signing with S/MIME certificate automatically, so we take full advantage of our technical advantages in PKI, invest R&D force and spend more than three years in developing an email client software to support the automatic email encrypting and signing with certificate, this client software is the MeSince®.

MeSince® is the world's first default automatic S/MIME encryption email client APP, a technology tool to protect the private information conveniently. We recommend all Internet users to use MeSince® to send and archive confidential information to protect private information from being stolen and being used illegally.

MeSince® is the world's first email client that digitally sign and timestamp every outgoing email automatically as default, provides a technology tool to prevent email fraud. We recommend all Internet users use MeSince® to send all email with digital signature to show email real identity, ensuring that your emails are not impersonated and very easy to identify fake identity emails and fraudulent emails.

At present, the global Internet security industry is promoting the "HTTPS only", because http is a plain text transmission. However, the daily used email for work and life is also in plain text transmission, so email also need to be encrypted – "S/MIME only". We firmly believe that with the efforts of MeSince, the simplification and automation of the complex S/MIME encryption, MeSince will quickly be spread and widely used in business and personal email communication to accelerate the popularization of email encrypting and signing. MeSince promote the "S/MIME only" to fully achieve end-to-end encryption for all messages and completely protect the Internet users' information security and privacy to let the Internet serve the mankind better.

MeSince®, lets every email be encrypted to eliminate email leak (certificate encrypting). MeSince, lets every email has an identity to eliminate email fraud (certificate signing).

Welcome to use MeSince®, we hope you like it. If you have any questions and comments, please visit the users' forum: https://forum.mesince.com to get support or share your idea with the worldwide users.

MeSince®, protect personal privacy and organization secrets.
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